Pink Palm was created to be an inspirational brand, leading through creativity and confidence to help girls feel good about themselves from the inside out. We are a luxury lingerie brand based in Romania, and our products are designed and finished manually here. 

Our unique take on lingerie has made waves in the fashion world. The mixture of extravagant laces and luscious embroideries has become a staple of the modern era of lingerie.

We pride ourselves on creating pieces that are made to be shown, pieces that empower women to take the narrative of their own stories.

Our mission is to celebrate life and to share that positive energy with the people who choose our company. They are encouraged to live well and be well. We give girls the opportunity to shed their insecurities through inspiring confidence.

PinkPalm is a company dedicated to brightening the world. We do this by making time for the things that we love and believing in the power of kindness and intelligence.

It’s never too late to be obsessed with pink. We are in love with every shade of pink, every day of the year. It warms your heart up like no other color.

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